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Almighty Voice was shot in seven places, but
his death missive was a piece of shrapnel which
had split open his forehead. In the bottom of the
gun-pit there were two holes, the depth of a man's
arm, which had been dug by the fugitive in an
effort to reach water. The bark on the surround-
ing trees had been stripped off and eaten.

The bodies of Constable Kerr and Postmaster
Ernest Grundy were lying about ten feet from
the hole. The dead body of Almighty Voice's
brother-in-law Topean, who had been killed in
the first day's fighting, was lying on the fringe of
the thicket, about twenty yards from the pit.

The startling revelation that Almighty Voice
had got completely out of the bluff on Saturday
night, and succeeded in working his way clear
through the pickets to a point some one hundred
yards beyond the mounted-police lines, was
brought *to light by the finding of one of his
blood-soaked moccasins at this outlying point.
A crude crutch which he had made to support his
shattered ankle was also found where he aban-
doned it on his return trip. Why he got away
and returned, no one will ever know.

But this surprising discovery explained that
mysterious shot which had clipped the hat off the
head of one of the volunteers during the uncanny
lull on Saturday night.

On a tree near the spot where the bodies of